Executive Director Blog

My wife and I went into starting my own non-profit knowing that it wouldn't be easy. We knew it would be a full-time job that put no food on the table. We knew we'd have to work a multiple of other (paying) jobs to keep a roof over our heads. I knew that it would put a major strain on our marriage.

But we always felt a calling to give back to my community. Because, frankly, we know what they want and need, even if they don't know just yet. And American Monarch Theatre Company was here to give it to them!

Man, we hit the streets of Easton and went door-to-door to every business that was still doing business to ask for their support. I called every single contact I could think of that might want to join me on my non-profit adventure. Then I reached out to my contacts' contacts. And after using all of my phone's data, I rounded up a group of well-established business leaders to join the AMTC family.


Then the real work started to pour in:

setting up board meetings

putting together a full-year budget

creating a website

collaborating on marketing materials

auditioning actors in NYC

directing my first professional musical

negotiating sponsorships

starting online crowdfunding campaigns

sending out press releases

meeting with potential donors

following up with donors

participating in local events

searching for performance venues

researching ticketing systems

selling performance & workshop tickets

helping to write grants

purchasing ad space

keeping up with our social media presence....

And yet, WE WERE LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And still do!) 


It all seemed very overwhelming during the process, but then it hit me...holy sh*t, that's a lot of firsts for our first year! And with some success through sold-out shows and piles of press coverage - we really should be happy with AMTC's progress.

Then, after reflecting on AMTC's first year, I remembered what my one-of-a-kind nonprofit business mentor, Tony D'Angelo, taught me: It takes 20 years to become an overnight success.

So, here's to him, my beautiful, talented wife & to the next 19 years  - I can't wait until the day that AMTC becomes an overnight success!