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Sean Cullen Carroll

Justin Chesney

Kylee Verhoff

Joelle Tshudy

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The Immigrant

Book by Mark Harelik
Lyrics by Sarah Knapp
Music by Steven M. Alper

November 16th at 7pm and 17th at 2pm, at the Sigal Museum

Rural Central Texas, 1909. A young Russian-Jewish immigrant, newly arrived in America through the port of Galveston, pulls his banana cart into the hamlet of Hamilton. Fleeing the vicious pogroms of his homeland, he has sought refuge in the land of the free. Able to speak only Yiddish, alone in the midst of a staunchly Christian community, he begs for shelter. Over the next 30 years, he makes a home and raises a family in this tiny town. THE IMMIGRANT is the story of a young Russian-Jewish couple and the local couple that take them in, as religion meets religion, culture meets culture, fear meets fear, and love meets love. This is the true story of Haskell Harelik, “the Immigrant.”